Message from our Director

The Sirimongkol Logistics Co., Ltd.  has had to learn.  Adjust and Self-Improvement a non-stop, in the field of Logistics and goods distribution. To get access to all of the business processes to increase customer value or the product to the market, thus improving the overall transportation and modern Logistics Management and provide fast.

From our experience, The company have development skills for all staff. Be able to perform its duties properly represented. To step into the future to improve the quality of service and raise standards of corporate at a global scale.

Abbreviation  of  SMK for somebody may be just the Alphabet, but for us. This is the symbol that illustrates our commitment to enterprise development.

S = Satisfaction ” firmly held the highest customer satisfaction. The main focus of the service. ”

M = Management “commitment to corporate management in a systematic way.”

K = Knowledge “knowledge for development of employees. And lead the organization going forward. ”

The company recognizes the value and the importance of corporate clients and staff as well. Because of that mechanisms for implementation the satisfaction is not lack of parts to assemble the pieces of this jigsaw pieces.

Apart from that, The company has plans to expand to cover Supply Chain Management solutions. In this time had facilitated the import and International exports of goods on behalf of the SMK  Shipping Co., Ltd. And procurement fuels such as palm on behalf of Unique Energy Group, and has plans to build a distribution center in the future.

Finally, I am a company representatives of the management and all staff of Sirimongkol Logistics Co., Ltd. May the Holy Triple Gem and all the sacred things in the universe bless you and your family with good health and happiness. And wish you a successful, wealthy and prosperous.

Yours faithfully


Mr. Preeda Yiamsawat
Senior Executive Managing Director

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