Our Ethics and Values

Our Ethics

 Sirimongkol Logistics Company Limited


The business operation of the organization, in addition to complying with various laws and regulations, as determined by government agencies and organizations, is an important component of the organization’s business ethics. The company is therefore an important principle that is committed to enable the company to grow steadily and sustainably.

This business code of conduct is prepared for directors, executives and employees of the company. Used as a guide To adhere to as a guideline for conduct Being a good model in performing duties with fairness, consisting of morality and ethics. Have responsibility for themselves To colleagues To the supervisor And to the subordinates Including to all stakeholders.

Business ethics of Sirimongkol Logistics Company Limited

The company has set up a business ethics which is an ethical standard that requires directors, executives and employees at all levels to adhere to the duties as assigned. Including encouraging directors, executives and employees at all levels to be a good model in performing their duties under the business ethics The Company places importance on treating all stakeholders fairly in accordance with the good corporate governance policy. Directors, executives and employees must acknowledge, understand and strictly adhere to. In order for the performance of each person to be effective, open, transparent, honest Taking into account the highest benefits of the company and being fair to all stakeholders concerned, ready to explain, clarify and be able to verify.